What is Grow House?

Grow House is a NFT Game, where you grow digital weed and earn cryptocurrencies.

The game starts out in the Grow House, which is the easiest place to grow NFT plants and earn cryptocurrencies and crafting materials. In Grow House you earn $GROW tokens and use $GROW tokens to power the Cannaverse we are creating. Plant $GROW and other cryptocurrencies in the ground to make Money Trees and watch them produce more crypto everyday through yield farming.

What is the Cannaverse?

The Cannaverse is the digital cannabis universe, where players can interact with other players, learn about cannabis and cryptocurrencies, and build farms with crafting materials. Like Farmville, there is an entire world of things to do in the Cannaverse and opportunities for cannabis brands to engage our community. The Cannaverse is also a great place to discover NFT’s and goodies that can be used to earn $GROW tokens and empower your Grow House.

What opportunities are there for me to win with $GROW?

The first thing you can do is join our Telegram group and announcements page to stay in the know with daily updates. Make friends in the community and invite your friends that you think would be interested in GROWing with us.

Grow House initially had a land sale, which sold out, but you can still buy land plots on These land NFTs give you plots in the original Grow House, which is the center point of the entire Cannaverse and the most sought after land in the game. These land plots emit 51 $GROW tokens a day each, or 204 $GROW tokens/day for a plot of 4. Land Owners have the ability to advertise with signs on their plots or to grow crops.

If you’re a believer in the project, you may also want to consider being a part of our $GROW token sale, which will be launching on BSC Launchpad and 0.Exchange on June 1st. Go on BSC Launchpad to sign up for IDO or buy on Pancakeswap.Finance with symbol $GROW. We will put out more detailed instructions for doing this soon. Again, $GROW is the currency that powers our entire Cannaverse economy. We will be releasing instructions soon for first time crypto users soon.

Grow House also is creating a collection of NFTs, which can be used in the game to GROW crops and earn crypto. These NFTs will be available on the Grow House Marketplace soon. The gameplay is limited for the first month or two as we continue building out some of the larger Cannaverse features, so all our original NFTs can only be grown in the initial Grow House on shared plots of land. As the game continues to develop you will have the chance to own your own plots, enter the cannaverse, and if you’re lucky, own a Grow House of your own to be a GROW KING or QUEEN.

And lastly, there will be many more opportunities for cannabis brands to get involved in the game and to be a part of the Cannaverse. Lots more to come on that too as the game launches.

How will the game work?

When you enter Grow House, you enter the main Grow House of the game where you can plant weed NFTs and earn crypto and crafting materials to use to GROW more! The first version of the game lives here, where you can buy NFTs from our Marketplace and grow them in the GROW House. Soon we will open up the doors to the Cannaverse and the real fun begins!

Once the doors to the Cannaverse opens you can work on building out your farm, collecting NFTs, and earning $Grow tokens. You’ll also have opportunities to interact with other community members, help them with their plants, and down the road, to share in their yields.

One of the most exciting parts of Grow House though is planting money trees, which will give you the chance to turn cryptocurrencies into trees that give you yield through a magical thing called yield farming. You can not lose any of the cryptocurrencies planted in your money trees, you can only GROW more crypto as your tree grows. This is probably the most exciting thing Grow House has to offer new members of the crypto community, although the concept of yield farming might not make sense at first.

As you continue playing and collecting $GROW in the Cannaverse, you eventually might be able to own enough one day to buy your own Grow House, which gives you a private area for displaying your favorite plants and signs to members of the Grow House community. Grow HARD!

I’m a Cannabis Brand, how can I be involved?

Grow House is a game for the whole cannabis industry and the game has unique opportunities for brands to get involved and to play with our community. To start, we are launching the Cannapad, which will be a launchpad for cannabis brands to make NFTs that can be used in Grow House to create cannabis plants or specialty crafting items.

Interested Cannabis companies can email

About Grow House:

Grow House is an NFT Game, where you grow digital weed and earn cryptocurrencies. Our Cannaverse is powered by the $GROW token, which you can use to buy land, build farms, and plant money trees (yield farming). Come GROW with us!

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