Grow House x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 31st of May

The AMA took place on 31 May. In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hi there! We are glad to welcome all you at Satoshi Club!

On the last spring day, guys from Grow House☘️ come to us

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Our today’s AMArathon ends with a great project. And our guest are




Gops: Glad to be here. Hi Satoshi Club!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: [ ✋ Sticker ]

How are you going guys?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: @CEOmoney


@edmundhillary1919 welcome to Satoshi Club❤️

Branden @money 💰: Hellloooooo

are you guys ready to $GROW

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Hey hey heyyyyyyy

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Let’s have a great session🥳🥳

Branden @money 💰: [ 🤤 Sticker ]

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: we are very excited about the upcoming AMA and you?

Gops: [ ☘️ Sticker ]

So are we, we couldn’t ask for a better community to be putting $GROW in front of

Branden @money 💰: Excited to be here let’s do it

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: let’s start by getting to know you! tell us about yourself. how did you get into cryptocurrency and Grow House

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: [ 😊 Sticker ]

Branden @money 💰: I’ve been doing social media marketing since 2008. I built a network of over 36 million followers across all of my social media channels, Forbes rated me number one social media influencer. 11 million of my followers are in the cannabis field!

I have worked with over 500 different celebrities and influencers and I have worked with some of the top brands on social media for direct to consumer marketing

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Wow! you are an influential person👍

Branden @money 💰: I’m @money on Instagram so you can see a little more about me!

Gops: I’ve been working in crpyto for years. I’m not really a big cannabis guy, but I’m a big gamer and a big DeFi guy, so when I saw the chance to work on the first gamified DeFi farming project I was excited. Endless opportunity with where the industry is going for GROW HOUSE to be the connnector for DeFi to the masses

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Good background👍

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Wow, I feel inconsequential next to these two! I’m simply along for the ride trying to see how freakin’ cool we can make yield farms, games, cannabis, and NFTs!!!!

Branden @money 💰: Stop, you’re the brains! 🧠

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: What is the essence of Grow House? Why do you choose cannabis as your main symbol?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Still, you are a great team😁👏

Branden @money 💰: This is a project that combintes two very important inudstries that are ripe and ready for innovation. Crypto & cannabis.

Its crazy that still today you cant get a bank account if you own a dispensary or a weed farm.

Imagine a true utility token that allows people to easily transact within the cannabis space.

Thats the ethos of $GROW!

We also combined it with a really really cool game! Imagine Farmville or The Sims, but for cannabis.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club : I think this is a lot of fun 😁

Gops: Only, you’re farming with NFTs and cryptocurrencies that produce yield!

The GROW House game is made to be one of the first ever cross-overs between DeFi and Gaming

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: I remember Farmville, so addictive, combined with cannabis will be doubly addictive😃

Branden @money 💰: Yes, this makes it WAY better! You can own land and strains in the game as NFTs which yield real tokens

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: That’s really one of the coolest parts of all of GROW. The LAND emits GROW.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Well guys! Thank you very much for the great intro! Ready for community questions?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: so imagine a world where instead of staking Lp on say sushi or uni you stake directly into grow. It’s FUN yield farming for those that don’t understand AMMs or all the complexities of harvest et. al.

Gops: Then take that $GROW and plant it into a Money Tree, which is really just yield farming, but we’re adding a gamified layer on top of it

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: it’s amazing😁

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Sounds great🤔

Let’s learn more about it with our best community questions

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: you really love what you do👏☘️

And this is what fascinates me about people! When they love what they do! And they know how to make money on it!

Q1 from Telegram User @yellowchamp

In the Grow.House game, you can buy land in the form of an NFT. So, instead of strengthening the castle against attracts, you’re buying an NFT or a seed. These seeds are maturing, and you’re producing your own strains in the game. The parcels of land emit Growth tokens, the same way you can operate a hotel on Cityville and it produces dollars for you to go out and spend more dollars in the game. Can you explain more about the seed that we are buying? How many days or months it will mature so that we can use it? Can we convert the dollars that we earn from the game into cash? If yes, how can we cash it out? Thank you

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: The seeds grow into NFTs. Those NFTs have intrinsic value based on rarity and the partners we’re partnering with (real world connects, crypto partners, etc)

Those NFTs can also unlock experiences and other ecosystem perks.

The LAND itself is what’s most special. The land is an nft which emits tokens. GROW at launch, but can and will emit other tokens down the road.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Can you show some NFТs?

I want to buy land. What do I need to do?

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Do you use any mathematical formula to calculate the intrinsic value of the NFTs?

Gops: For some more clarity of planting NFTs and earning rewards (intrinsic value): When you plant an NFT flower in GROW HOUSE you various things as it Grows. You earn crafting matieral you can use for building out your farms. You can also earn $GROW tokens or other NFTs depending on which flower you plant.

The NFTs you plant all have different yields and rarities with different chances of producing higher yields and some random chances of bigger token rewards to make it fun.

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: For now it’s just community decided. The NFTs (buds, plants) can be ‘crafted’ to make even more rare NFTs. But the team is actively working to rarity be a more definable through VRF

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club:Thanks for your answers!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Great concept, mostly supply and demand concept is used

Other tokens like which one?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Just GROW at launch, but for example, USDC once the yield farms launch etc.

Keep your eye out on the grow house market! HTTPS://

Or secondary markets such as open sea!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Great opportunity😁👍

Great answers 😊

Ready for the next question?

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Thanks for the answers😃

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Let’s go!

Q2 from Telegram User @garrinepotter

You have sold land and now they are available on OpenSea. As I understand it, these NFTs are created on the Ethereum network. You spend IDO on the site in the BSC network. Each action in the game requires a signature, and, accordingly, payment of a commission.Explain to me how you combine several blockchains in one game and what currency is used to pay for transactions

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Great question and I can wear my ‘zero exchange’ hat as I answer this

Actually the way the game works is you use every day Ethereum to buy NFTs but it mints the nft on polygon (protecting against gas going crazy again)

So the minting is very cheap compared to typical NFTs.

The token was intentionally minted on bsc to take advantage of low fees and the land emissions (grow) was bridged using the zero bridge

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: and that’s really cool👍

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: So the grow token is a bep20 that was bridged to polygon. So lp emissions are bsc, and land emissions are in polygon and a cheap and fast bridge exists between the two

Making grow a true multichain powerhouse.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: The multichain solution looks very decent

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Btw, what about the tokenomics of GROW token? What is the max supply? How is the token distribution?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST : 100,000,000 GROW. Majority distributed over 4 years between land and LP emissions!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Thanks for the info Edmund, would you like to add something before the next question?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: thanks for your answers and for sharing😊

Q3 from Telegram User @andrey_seleznov

Hi Growhouse!

Please share with us some details about the exciting Miami event you are planning for June 5th! What is it going to be — an open space party or an event hosted in a club or similar venue? Tell us about the main attractions of this event, what music style can attendants expect? Will users be able to join virtually from across the globe or is it going to be only accessible live in person?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: @CryptoGops has got this one!

Gops: Our Big Miami Bitcoin Event! It’s going to be pretty fantastic. G Eazy is performing. Quest Love is DJ’ing. A bunch of celebrities have been confirmed including Lil Wayne and Fetty Wap. We partnered with Y.AT and Maxim to make it extra speicial. We should just be putting invites out for it today.

Unfortunately, space is limited and it is an invite-only event. It could be cool if we raffled a few tickets away to our GROW community. I can ask the team about it

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Awesome🙏

Great event🎉

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Will be a big event, how can we be there?😁

Gops: Crypto, Cannabis, and Gaming — you know we know how to throw down a good party!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Yes please, would be amazing to have some Satoshiclubbers there 😃

Gops: I’ll request from the higher ups. I think its definitely doable

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Thank you, btw I would like to ask about your current partnerships, could you tell us more about it?

Gops: We’re currently working on a bunch of partnerships, some we can talk about some we can’t

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: we understand you! thanks a lot for the answers! ready to proceed to the next question? 😊

Gops: On the DeFi front, we’ve partnered with Polygon and Zero to provide us with low gas yield farming solutions that we can put into our game

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: We’ve got real word partnerships ( a huge crowd grower, to a few major crypto partnerships that will lead to some very fun and special emissions!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: good partnership always contributes to business development🚀

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: As well as some additional real world partnerships being finalized and some special influencers and movers and shakers in the cannaverse! A lot of people are interested and that means we’re doing something right!

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Congrats, we will be waiting the coming announcements about your new partnerships👏

For sure, great job 👏

Q4 from Telegram User @ngohuynh

you have the social game mechanics of farmville, the gamified NFT mechanics of crypto kitties, and the yield farming mechanics of Pancake Swap, where you can actually plant tokens in the ground and earn yield. So for us that havent been immersed in the metaverse space, can you help describe what that is? What a user can expect while interacting with the platform and how the GROW token fits into that ecosystem. in terms of the use in the game, how do your NFTs play in, and how can the plots of land be used for different products? Is there some gamification there at all?

Gops: Great question

The game starts for a user in the Grow House, which is the easiest place to grow NFT plants and earn cryptocurrencies and crafting materials. In the Grow House you earn $GROW tokens and use $GROW tokens to power doing things in the Cannaverse, outside the Grow House.

You can also plant money trees, which are the gamified yield farms the question referred to

The plants you plant are NFTs and they can be bought on our marketplace or breeded for more rare versions similar to crypto kitties

And different plots around the cannaverse match up with different NFTs to create the best yields. And there are some fun game mechanics in there to make that a challenge for players

Our metaverse is kind of like FarmVille in the way that it’s a farming game, but it’s also decentralized and built on Polygon

And we don’t have the budget of Zynga yet

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Great answer so clear and detailed. But, users need to know that their funds are safe, have you audited your contracts?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Yes! Received a ‘very secured’ score from Zokyo for both our token and nft contracts

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Did you find any problem?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Nope! We’ll share the reports on the website!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: This is very important for your users to hear!

Thank you very much for your answers and for understanding that safety comes first.👍

I suggest to proceed to the next question

Q5 from Telegram User @Jonahapagu

In your plans for 2021, there is an upcoming “Payment card and wallet” can you explain how this will be implemented, what kinds of payment will your payment card be used for, what currencies will it support, what will be the set requirements for users who intend to have the card, and will your payment cards support fiat payments as well..

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Not sure if @CEOmoney is still around

But the intent is to tie in all those real world connections to the grow token

Branden @money 💰: The goal will be for $GROW to be the token of choice for all cannabis transactions.

So you can walk into dispensaries etc and use your payment card — there’s a major issue right now with fiat and cannabis and crypto solves this.

This includes “seed to sale” which means farmers and their grow, distributors, dispensaries, and end user cannabis customers

We also think there are loyalty opportunities to get a membership card with $GROW and to get extra bonuses and benefits in retail situations.

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: The wallet will be a mobile app? Is there any approximated date for launch it?

Branden @money 💰: Not right now, we are taking things one step at a time. The game, NFTs, and the token launch is first, then as we establish these partnerships we’ll roll out the appropriate technology and features with them.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: By the way, if you want you can share your roadmap.😊

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: The biggest roadmap updates are the money trees and yield farms. That’s where the team is dedicated all their cycles.

After that it’ll be new worlds inside the cannaverse! New land opportunities — new zones.

We fashion ourselves a combination of FarmVille and decentraland with some harvest or YFI built in!

Q6 from Telegram User @imwiiw27

How will GrowHouse match the other gamified NFTs in crypto industry? Is GrowHouse suitable for everyone especially a newbie in crypto industry? Do you have guide or video demo for a newbie?

Gops: I’ll take this one

To my knowledge, Grow House is breaking new ground in the gamification of yield farming and NFTs. There are a lot of NFT projects out there, but that’s not the only space we play in.

Our game deals with lots of mature themes with Cannabis, crypto, and finance. Our goal is to make it fun and approachable, but at the same time, you need a crypto wallet to connect and play. So I wouldn’t say it’s for kids

That said, our goal is to make it for non-crypto users to learn about crypto and cannabis in a fun way. And for that, we will have tutorials to help new comers along the way. Especially with understanding DeFi

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: Have you had problems with legal issues about cannabis? I mean, there is some countries where is not legal

Gops: Well, this is an nft game with cannabis themes. We don’t really work with real cannabis 🙂

To the extant a country wants to try and stop our decentralized polygon cannabis growing game, good luck.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club : You are brave and funny guys! 😉

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club: I agree, btw legalization is the way 👏

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club:[01.06.21 00:16]

Now is the time to share all the useful links and information with our community.

Gops: — to learn about the game — for all community questions

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from telegram username @Ratash97

Why grow house is heading to miami ?

Gops: Miami BTC 21’ is the biggest crypto event of all time. It’s also our launch week. And a chance to show the crypto world how amazing Grow House is. And for this we’ve partnered with our good friends and Maxim to throw one of the best events in the industry

Q2 from telegram username @vedamatrix

Do you have in mind to create any Ambassador Programs for reaching people in different countries?

Gops: We’re incredibly short-handed on the marketing front. We would love the chance to grow our community in other countries and are actively looking for hires as mods and marketing to do this. Even with all the press and fan-fare, Grow House is still a small team looking to grow. Feel free to ping the mods in our Telegram group if interested in collaborating

Q3 from telegram username @Chinthaka93

In your website you have mentioned about a sequence of 7 -15–30–60 days. What is meant by this sequence? Is it about farming the GROW token or any other sequence? @edmundhillary1919 @CryptoGops

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST:Reference to grow times and yields for different NFTs!

Q4 from telegram username@cryptonation2

Do you have your own market for NFTs? Where can I farm NFTs for earning Grow? I want to know it more clearly and do you have any article for the newbie ?

Gops: Yes, Grow House has it’s own NFT Marketplace and launchpad that we will be using for launching Cannabis brand NFTs and celebrity NFTs into Grow House and the cannaverse. We will be making an announcement later today with a big rap artist you likely know to launch his first set of NFTs into Grow House. The first of many big celebrities to join our cannaverse hopefully.

Q5 from telegram username @tatarrama

Will the cryptocurrencies in my money trees have a harvest time? For example, if I don’t collect at a certain time, will my coins burn?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: There’s going to be a multitude of gamification elements!

Q6 from telegram username @Asela1112

What is the main concept behind the term of GROW?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Grow your yield!! Grow your seed!!

Q7 from telegram username @Amila19932

Is GROW built on POLYGON or ETH? @edmundhillary1919 @CryptoGops

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Polygon, token is BSC.

Q8 from telegram username @cryptoneco

Can cannabis growers and businesses benefit from the Grow House platform?

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Yes. Already happening with juicyfields.Io partnership!

Q9 from telegram username @Amila19932

DAPP, NFTs, DEFI are the most famous features in crypto recently. What are the products and services you are going to offer for your customers? What are th future plans on these features? @edmundhillary1919 @CryptoGops

Edmund Hillary — WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST: Gamified yield. Making yield fun and easy.

Q10 from telegram username @doithay1617

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ Hello @CEOmoney @CryptoGops and @edmundhillary1919

Grow will launch IDO in June 1st,2021! After IDO ends when will $GROW list on exchanges? What is price when $GROW listing? And will list on which exchange first?


10c. Pancake swap.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

For the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

About Grow House:

Grow House is an NFT Game, where you grow digital weed and earn cryptocurrencies. Our Cannaverse is powered by the $GROW token, which you can use to buy land, build farms, and plant money trees (yield farming).

Come GROW with us!

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | Facebook



Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW

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Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW