GROW launching rewards through QuickSwap

GROW will complete a liquidity migration away from BNB and Pancake Swap to USDC with Quickswap. Along with this migration, the company will launch new reward incentives to all GROW token holders.

Consumers are becoming increasingly picky about which platform they use. The pandemic has radically changed the way that consumers and businesses interact. Most expect something as a reward for their participation, and companies are rapidly adding ways to incentivize user participation. One of the means of incentivizing is through loyalty programs that offer benefits like points or tokens.

GROW has experienced consistent growth and interest in their platform, as consumers have begun to pick up land and build growfarms. The activity was expected because of the substantial interest in the cannabis industry, and the concurrent growth in online virtual farming.

These two industries have come together to create the GROW ecosystem for cannabis lovers. However, with the coming liquidity migration, the team at GROW is excited to add additional rewards.

Unlike other single-use loyalty programs, GROW tokens serve a dual purpose for users. First, they can be used within the Cannaverse to create and grow new flowers. GROW can also be swapped for USDC. Long story short, users get paid to play!

According to Branden Hampton, GROW’s Chief Cannabis Advisor, ““We continue to GROW out the Cannaverse which is built on the Polygon blockchain, the team has decided to rotate liquidity to the one of the biggest and most trusted exchanges on Polygon, Quickswap.

“Additionally, we have also decided to rotate the liquidity pairing away from a volatile asset (BNB) to a stable USDC asset. Over 30% of the volume on Quickswap are USDC pairs, so not only will this pairing provide more stability to GROW, but it will also expose it to considerable volume.

“Lastly, an announcement that we are very excited about is the opportunity to provide liquidity rewards to our community with this change. This system is simple: help provide additional liquidity to the GROW<>USDC pair on Quickswap, earn more $GROW!”

Beyond these obvious benefits for consumers, the added loyalty program will increase liquidity for the GROW<>USDC markets. This increased liquidity has an immediate benefit for participants because of increased participation, and stability in the value of GROW.

For more information, or to start GROWing and staking tokens, visit the alpha version of the Cannaverse. For those interested in digging into the GROW ecosystem more, they can also check out the company’s whitepaper.



Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW

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Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW