1 min readAug 19, 2021


GROW More! Earn GROW Rewards in the Cannaverse

The most recent liquidity migration of the GROW has allowed the team to begin offering loyalty rewards to users. The fun of the Cannaverse has now gained a lucrative way to earn new tokens as a benefit to participants. And these rewards aren’t small — the next 30 days will see 3,000,000 GROW tokens ($50,000) in rewards distributed.

Starting today is a liquidity mining campaign where if you help provide liquidity to the GROW token you can earn more GROW.

Detailed instructions for those unfamiliar with liquidity mining to come in follow up article​, but the high level steps are as follows:

  1. Bridge USDC using the official polygon bridge.
  2. Bridge your GROW tokens from BSC to Polygon using the Relaychain Bridge
  3. Pair your USDC with your GROW token and create a Quickswap LP.
  4. Deposit your LP token on:

In the future, we will enable single sided staking where you can earn GROW simply by staking GROW. With single sided staking your GROW is protected from IL but the APR you can earn will be less.

For those interested in digging into the GROW ecosystem more, they can also check out the company’s whitepaper.




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