GROW X WeedHumor NFT

To celebrate GROW’s union of Blockchain, Cannabis, and Gaming communities, we will be holding the biggest NFT giveaway of 2021. Starting today (4/12/21) and ending on (5/17/21), All eligible participants will be entered to win the grand prize of their own LAND plot NFT in The Grow House, which will emit $GROW and produce NFTs on a scheduled basis. Four winners will be chosen at random and announced publicly. All eligible signups before 5/17/21 12pm PST will be entered to win the grand prize but only the first 50,000 will be eligible to receive the exclusive GROW X WeedHumor NFT. These spots will not last long, so sign up now and become part of the !


  • GROW is giving away 1 plot of land in The GROW House to each of the 4 lucky winners.
  • In collaboration with WeedHumor, we are giving away 50,000 Exclusive GROW X WeedHumor NFTs to the first 50,000 eligible signups.
  • Signups accepted between 4/12/21 and 5/17/21.

How to participate:

About GROW House:

The GROW House is GROWs innovative DeFi solution to yield farming. You (the player) will take the role of a peaceful cannabis farmer, growing virtual cannabis plants from seed to bud. Build up your farm, work with others, collect $GROW, and earn NFTs.

Players can lock tokens into an NFT seed in game and watch your plant come to life. Following the growth cycle, players will have the freedom to retrieve locked tokens along with accrued interest, sell their NFT plant on a secondary market or use it to interact with real world events and products in the ROOT ecosystem.


In The GROW House, Land is both extremely limited and highly sought after.

Land has two in game functions that lay the foundation to connecting $GROW and the real world of cannabis.

  1. Land emits $GROW on a scheduled basis, $GROW tokens will become redeemable for value on the platform and used to access vendors.
  2. Land gives players a space to Grow their seeds into NFTs that provide owners with exclusive access within the root ecosystem.

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Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW