GROW x ZERO Community Meme & GIF & Sticker Contest

Dear GROW and ZERO Communities!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with ZERO team! Moreover, we are glad to inform you about the upcoming $GROW IDO on ZeroGravity Launchpad by 0.Exchange, June 1st!

That’s why we decided to announce a super fun Meme/GIF/Sticker contest where you all can showcase your creativity and of course at the end you will have the chance to win $GROW and $ZERO tokens. The contest is going to be entertaining, fun and community-driven!

How to participate:

  • post your Meme/GIF/Sticker pack on your Twitter;
  • mention the @GROW_HOUSE_ and @OfficialZeroDEX Twitter accounts;

Meme & Sticker Contest Period:

The contest begins on May 18th, 2021 and ends on May 24th, 2021, at 12 pm EST.

Rewards and winners:

Please, take note that only 10 participants will have the chance to become the winners!

The reward is $5,000 in $ZERO tokens and 5,000 $GROW tokens!

So, dear community, use your creativity, empower your imagination and have sincere fun participating in this brand new GROW x ZERO contest!

Please, use this Google Drive package with ZERO & GROW icons and images to create memes:

In this partnership, both GROW and ZERO projects are looking in the same direction which means they are setting a new, ethical standard for DeFi and are aimed to build distributed fully decentralized, crypto-backed, and highly liquid platforms. And of course, both projects are community-oriented and created by people for people.

About Grow:

Grow is a decentralized cannabis NFT game that uses existing grower networks to create farming and rewards using proprietary blockchain technology. Built for the cannabis industry by medical professionals and crypto pioneers, Grow enables you to cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse using $GROW.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram | Facebook

About 0.Exchange

The 0.Exchange Protocol realigns incentives for network participants by introducing revenue sharing and community driven network effects to the popular AMM model. 0.Exchange prides itself on freezingly low transaction and trading fees, 0 finality, 0 hassle, and 0 frontrunning!

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | CoinGecko



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