Growfarm LAND is SOLD OUT!

Dear Grow House community,

We are excited to inform you that our Growfarm NFT Land Sale is OVER! Grow House successfully sold out 49 Growfarm Land plots! We are thrilled to welcome new landowners who became part of the CANNAVERSE!

Lucky landowners already got their 2 plants for each Growfarm Land plot. Starting on June 1st after the IDO your land will emit you 204 $GROW tokens for 4 years!

Your land is yours to own and you can resell your entire plot or individual patches on or directly in the Grow House Marketplace.

Check out your land plots and become a part of the Grow House metaverse, which unites cannabis, crypto, and DeFi!

With your plot of land, you got access to:

  • Сultivating this land and earn 204 $GROW daily*;
  • Farming and collecting NFTs;
  • Earning Seeds to exchange into Flowers and Products;
  • Get first access to new land offerings (yield farms, exclusive NFTs, exclusive partner farms)
  • Land rental opportunities
  • Land resale opportunities (your plot or individual patches)
  • Land advertising opportunities

*Year 1 Emissions

How do I use my Growfarm Land?

  1. Login to your Ethereum wallet using the login button in the top right corner. Logging into your wallet is basically like logging into a traditional app.
  2. Go to the and find your Growfarm.
  3. Once located, you can use the tools in the bottom bar to interact with your Growfarm Land. From the left, there is the inspector tool, the land tilling shovel, the planting tool, the watering can, and the harvesting shears.
  4. Using the tools you have available plant on your new plot of land. Hint: Start by tilling the ground!
  5. Harvest your adult flower or breed them together using the breeding function!

Please note that the Growfarm Land will start producing $GROW tokens after the IDO on June 1st at and .

About Grow House:

is an NFT Game, where you grow digital weed and earn cryptocurrencies. Our Cannaverse is powered by the $GROW token, which you can use to buy land, build farms, and plant money trees (yield farming). Come GROW with us!

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Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW

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Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW