A Guide for N00Bs

How To Buy $GROW — Instructions:

We recommend reading these instructions on your PC/Mac to make it easier. This will take approximately 30–45 minutes if you have never set up a Metamask wallet, currently, own BNB, or used Pancakeswap (the exchange where you will buy $GROW).

STEP 1: Create a Wallet

Download MetaMask and create a wallet. Keep your phrase/private key a secret! Never share it with anyone and store it properly! Make sure to copy the contract address below!

STEP 2: Add Binance Smart Chain to RPC

Follow the guide:

STEP 3: Buy $BNB with your CC if you do not already own (this is the token you will need to purchase $GROW)

Buy $BNB with credit/debit card at IndaCoin. For a successful purchase with fiat you’ll need:

  • Binance Smart Chain wallet (for instance, Metamask)
  • Phone and a device with camera for verification

NOW you will add $GROW to your Metamask wallet (so after you buy it will reflect in your balance)

Step 4: Add $GROW TOKEN to the Wallet

$GROW Token Contract Address: 0x081a4d4e4a0cc74d6a7a61578f86b8c93cc950a0

Step 5: Swap BNB for $GROW Token! is the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which will allow you to buy and sell $GROW Tokens. For the purposes of this tutorial we will only cover buying, however the process is the same to sell, but instead of $BNB in the top field you replace with $GROW (the bottom field can be $BNB, or $BUSD — Binance backed stable coin)

Congrats on being one of the first owners of $GROW Token, the utility token of GROW.HOUSE!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to a moderator in our Telegram Community Chat:

About Grow House:

Grow House is an NFT Game, where you grow digital weed and earn cryptocurrencies. Our Cannaverse is powered by the $GROW token, which you can use to buy land, build farms, and plant money trees (yield farming).

Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW