What is GROW?

What is GROW?

Cannabis as medicine

As science and medicine advance with great strides sometimes it is important to look back instead of forward when seeking knowledge. Cannabis is rich in history with over 100 different uses throughout the course of history from producing materials for textiles, acting as a fuel, or healing medical conditions through various uses and means of consumption. Throughout history cannabis and its medical value has been well documented. From the Emperor Shen-Nug in 2737 B.C. to its uses during the roman empire to present day medical applications cannabis has endured and survived the ages because of its amazing medical applications on a nearly universal scale. It is time for cannabis to be brought to the forefront of modern medicine and receive the credit that it is due.

GROW plans to bring medical cannabis and decentralized assets to the public eye in a way that nobody ever has before. Tokenizing cannabis in a decentralized manner to benefit all users involved has never been heard of, let alone done before! GROW’s unique combination of erc20 and NFT token structures in combination with its membership services and gamified cannabis cultivation dapp is the first of its kind with no competitors in sight.
Decentralization is key. Tokens with true utility are key! NFT’s integrated into their own custom game Dapp on blockchain is monumental and exclusively unique! GROW is not something any cannabis or NFT enthusiast will want to miss!

What is GROW?

GROW is an ever expanding platform that allows its users the ability to cultivate cannabis remotely through its cultivation sites. This includes cultivation, processing and distribution. At its base the Root system in combination with the GROW token are designed to enable medical cannabis cultivation by utilizing a decentralized sharing platform that enables all associated parties to take part in a community made up of customers, partners, patients and token holders. This community provides a multitude of services that users otherwise may not have access to. Blockchain is implemented in various different ways, including but not limited to the erc20 (GROW) utility token, GROW NFT’s and a decentralized community space that is secure and easy to interact with.

The Root platform in combination with the GROW token are the basis for all life within the platform. Together they create a symbiotic relationship that helps benefit and grow both solutions into an interlocking web of roots. This web helps to facilitate platform interaction via cultivation reward claims, prescription accesses, exclusive access to grow products, loyalty benefits. In time GROW tokens will be redeemable for physical merchandise through one of many vendors associated with the Root platform and GROW token system.

Participating partner locations include Colombia, Germany, Portugal and Denmark. Additionally the Root platform will be working hard to build a much larger network of participating partners.

GROW token utility

The Grow Token offers the following key utilities:

  • Token holder access to the Root platform.
  • Ability to participate in the cultivation and distribution process of medicinal cannabis.
  • Ability to access the ROOT network of medicinal cannabis dispensaries.
  • Verifiable prescription services for medicinal cannabis.
  • Access to ROOT platform´s marketplace.
  • Access to ROOT payment platform.
  • Used to purchase GROW goods

Root platform NFT’s

NFTs will be ERC1155 (non fungible tokens) which will be available for purchase via the GROW website as well as opensea.io for a specific amount of GROW Tokens based on the tier of access the user would like to purchase. Once purchased, holding the NFT will grant access to the specific subscription tier and benefits associated with that tier of access. Smart Contracts can scan an individual’s wallet for NFTs and allow or deny access to specific pages depending on if the user is a holder of that specific NFT. Gamified NFT’s will also provide a fun user experience while participating in a new and unique game with some far out farming options.

GROW token wallet

In addition to the token offering, GROW will be developing a wallet to integrate the loyalty & access features for token holders. The GROW Wallet will be developed as a use and verification platform for ROOT Connect & ROOT Ambassadors to transfer, transact and redeem value. The GROW Wallet is a secure way to engage & hold GROW Tokens.

GROW token governance

It is the mission of ROOT is to foster the decentralization of medicinal cannabis knowledge, cultivation and distribution. The token issuer seeks to decentralize the system of governance for the GROW token, address the future development of the ROOT platform, key community decisions. The system of decentralization will be introduced to the community at an appropriate stage by the board of directors of Grow 420 Ltd.

GROW token distribution model

GROW’s token distribution is designed to reduce emissions annually until all emissions cease after four years. (All emissions are calculated at an average block time of 14 seconds with a total of 2.25 million blocks per annum).

Year 1: 20,000,000 tokens at a rate of 8.8 GROW per block.

Year 2: 10,000,000 tokens at a rate of 4.4 GROW per block.

Year 3: 5,000,000 tokens at a rate of 2.2 GROW per block.

Year 4: 2,500,000 tokens at a rate of 1.1 GROW per block.

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Website: https://grow.house

Twitter: https://twitter.com/grow_house_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GROW-HOUSE-110660044396090/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/growhouseofficial/

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Telegram ANN channel: https://t.me/GROWann



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