Are you ready for a LAND NFT sale like none that you have ever seen before? An ecosystem with gamification tying real-world medical cannabis and e-cannabis growers all over the world together? Are you ready to earn your own medicine through blockchain applications?

GROW is proud to announce the details regarding our LAND NFT sale! This will be a historic event marking the official release, launch and coming to life of the GROW ecosystem! We cannot express how excited and proud we are to be responsible for creating such a futuristic and realistic platform for both remote services and in-person services as well!

Details regarding our token generation event will be announced later this week!


LAND NFTs are virtual plots of land (2x2) that generate $GROW (our ERC20 token) as well as provide a space for users to explore the GROW house and utilize its gamified farming features such as tilling land, planting cannabis, caring for your cannabis plants, harvesting them, earning $GROW and other tokens with real-world redemption value as well.

Each LAND NFT is called a “plot”. Each plot contains a 2x2 space, which contains four “patches”(1x1 spaces). There will be a total of 124 plots and 496 patches.

LAND SALE details:

LAND sale — May 13, 2021, 13 pm EST

LAND cost — 2 ETH per

**(UPDATE : ETH price was reduced from 4ETH per LAND to 2 ETH per LAND. We chose to do this based on community feedback and the realization that with the rising value of ETH it was more realistic to ask a lesser price in such a large, forward moving market such as this)**

You will be able to buy LAND NFTs on our website using the web3 compatible wallet — MetaMask. Instructions for creating a MetaMask wallet can be found here.

Supply information:

  • 67 LAND NFTs at launch in total
  • 49 LAND NFTs to be sold at launch
  • 17 LAND NFTs to partners and advisors
  • 1 LAND NFT to be raffled away

Please note that the LAND supply is not capped at 50 NFTs and GROW reserves the right to mint additional pieces of land up to the amount of 124 total LAND NFT tokens. These additional (as of now) un-minted LAND NFTs will be used in the future for onboarding of new clients, marketing, advertising, auctions and other uses beneficial to the ecosystem.

TOTAL LAND NFT Emissions rates :

Emissions are reduced annually and will begin as such (total emissions of all LAND NFTs annually) :

  • One LAND NFT generates about 204 $GROW per day initially .
  • Year one : 5,000,000 $GROW
  • Year two : 2,500,000 $GROW
  • Year three : 1,500,000 $GROW
  • Year four : 1,000,000 $GROW

Following year four, $GROW emissions will cease pending a DAO review and multiple other factors.

To be able to participate in the LAND NFT sale, please go to and sign up for the whitelist. Let's GROW!

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About GROW:

GROW is a decentralized cannabis NFT game that uses existing grower networks to create farming and rewards using proprietary blockchain technology. Built for the cannabis industry by medical professionals and crypto pioneers, Grow enables you to cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse using $GROW.

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Cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse with $GROW